Blue Lily, Lily Blue by Maggie Stiefvater



SYNOPSIS: Adam and Ronan’s power now has control and focus, but Greenmantle’s presence, Maura’s disappearance, and the discovery of an ancient being makes the quest for Glendower that more urgent.

PREVIOUS: The Raven Boys   The Dream Thieves

If The Raven Boys is the book equivalent to striking a match and The Dream Thieves is the equivalent to a raging inferno, then Blue Lily, Lily Blue is the calm before the storm. We discover that there are two other sleepers besides Glendower and under absolutely no circumstances is one of them supposed to be awakened and to make matters worse, Maura is trapped where the evil sleeper lies in wait, of course Blue and the gang don’t know that. The quirky professor friend of Gansey also makes an appearance to help the gang figure out if the cave in Cabeswater has other entrances besides the one in Cabeswater in order to help them find Maura and he is just as crazy and dodgy as he seems in all of the phone calls we have overheard. While major strides aren’t made in plot development, they are made in character development. Adam learns that his friends help him because they are his friends, not because they pity him, Ronan learns to let his sensitive side show in small spurts, Gansey learns that he doesn’t have to be “Prince Gansey” all the time, especially around Blue, Noah becomes more freaky (not all character development is positive), and Blue learns that her power of amplification can do so much more than amplify the energy around her. I think one of my favorite parts was learning that Greenmantle has a name, Colin Greenmantle, and he’s one of those villains who likes to have the title of “evil villain” but doesn’t really want to put in the hard work that comes with being one (which is just another unique and interesting choice that Stiefvater makes that just causes me to enjoy this series more). His wife, Piper Greenmantle, has no such problem. She has a gun, a couple of henchmen, and an attitude that says “just try to stand in my way.” Needless to say Colin is slightly frightened by her in a good way. The pair of them were interesting foes, although dispatching Colin was a piece of cake for Ronan, Adam, and The Gray Man. Piper is a more formidable enemy and I’m really excited to see her revenge plan in the final installment. I think the only thing I’m not excited for is when Blue and Gansey kiss because that means it is time for the end (although the challenge of writing characters who have to show their love for each other without this physical declaration has been very satisfying to read). They are so close that they can taste it, I just hope that everything works out for them the way that they hope. Now I just have to wait until March of next year!


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