The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater

IMG_7302RATING: 5/5

SYNOPSIS: The quest to find Glendower continues, but dark things are at work in Ronan’s mind that he must come to terms with and Adam needs to learn how to accept his fate.

PREVIOUS: The Raven Boys

It is a known fact that sequels are rarely as good as the first book. The Dream Thieves is an exception. What I loved is that the momentum didn’t slow down from the previous book and we had a whole slew of new mysteries to figure out! I especially loved how Ronan’s dream ability was explored and how it all tied into the mystery surrounding his family and his father’s death. I can’t wait to see how this ability progresses throughout the rest of the series! Like the previous book, I appreciated how the romance took a backseat to the adventure. Sure there were romantic moments, but it wasn’t overly angst-y the way some YA novels get. There were times that I got mad at Adam, but it was because I understood him and his reactions; I just wished that he didn’t feel like everyone trying to show him love and affection was pitying him. That’s just something he needs to work on for the final two books in the series. Maggie Stiefvater is forgiven for the lackluster adversary that was Barrington Whelk because The Gray Man and Greenmantle are way more interesting adversaries (plus one of my favorite tropes is enemy turned friend, I just eat that up). The Gray Man was fascinating because he gave us little bits of information at a time, but we still don’t truly know him and I hope that his mystery continues to unravel the way it is. It was also sweet how he wanted to impress Maura and do good for her. On the other hand, Greenmantle is just a mysterious voice on the phone that sounds like he can be dangerous, but I don’t think it’s because Greenmantle himself is a dangerous person, he just has dangerous connections. The book ends once again with a cliffhanger that makes you think “Are you kidding me?” and ready to pick up the next book. I’m more than ready to continue my adventure with Blue and her Raven Boys.


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