The Crown of Ptolemy by Rick Riordan

The-Crown-of-Ptolemy-Rick-RiordanSYNOPSIS: Percy, Annabeth, Carter, and Sadie must combine Greek and Egyptian in order to prevent Setne from uniting the crowns of the Upper Kingdom and Lower Kingdom and completing the magic spell to form the crown of Ptolemy and becoming immortal.

PREVIOUS: The Son of Sobek  The Staff of Serapis

First-person Percy has returned! I have greatly missed hearing stories through Percy’s voice and this did not disappoint. The Kanes, Percy, and Annabeth are all together at last and we are shown very clearly how similar Annabeth and Carter are and how similar Percy and Sadie are. Obviously they are not interchangeable as reflected in how Setne tries to wedge them apart. They make a pretty impressive team as they teach each other how to fight Greek and Egyptian respectively. There were also some nice moments where Percy remembers the events of Heroes of Olympus and connects them to the current situation. I also enjoyed the small moments when Percy would get distracted by how beautiful Annabeth is (it didn’t happen often so that’s what helped it to maintain the charm) and of course Percy’s sarcasm never gets old. The thing that I love about these characters is that although they have all been through the ringer, it didn’t fundamentally change them. Sure they are older and wiser and may have some lingering pain and fear, but deep down in their hearts they are still hopeful and still willing to fight for what is right. Through these characters you see what heroes truly can and should be, of course they aren’t perfect, but they are willing to try and fail. Riordan is skillful in his use of drama and humor which is something that can take a long time to master and is very helpful when you want to write great action and balance the intense moments so your target audience isn’t distressed. I am thankful that I have been through it all with these guys and its always exciting when crossovers happen, especially when the team works so well together that you could forget that they come from completely different series.


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