The Staff of Serapis by Rick Riordan

Staff_of_SerapisSYNOPSIS: After following a strange two-headed monster onto the subway, Annabeth Chase ends up meeting Sadie Kane and together they have to stop the Greek-Egyptian god, Serapis, from destroying Rockaway Beach and turning himself into the supreme god after inhaling the Greek and Egyptian pantheon.

Previous: The Son of Sobek

Now this is what I expected from Percy and Carter! Annabeth and Sadie quickly are able to work together and trust each other within a matter of moments (come on boys get your act together). Like The Son of Sobek, Annabeth and Sadie have different plans for strategy with Annabeth being the studious Carter (only more aggressive) and Sadie being the spontaneous Percy (although I believe that there is more control and method to her madness). This installment of the series is told in the third-person style that Riordan employs in the Heroes of Olympus series and is told from Annabeth’s side which is always amazing. Now Annabeth naturally employs less humor in her everyday logic, but that doesn’t mean that the signature Riordan humor was missing, it was just on another level than the brand of humor you would get from Sadie, Percy, or even Carter. It was really nice to see the return of Annabeth’s dagger (if only for a brief moment) and invisibility cap as well as watch those wheels turn as she tried to connect the Greek and Egyptian. It was equally as fun to see Sadie become impressed with Annabeth and teach her a trick or two. I also enjoyed Annabeth remembering things that she learned during the events of Heroes of Olympus and also having her reference things that happened in Percy Jackson and the Olympians and for Sadie to regale us with snippets of things that happened during The Kane Chronicles. They worked well to remind the reader of what happened previously without it being too exposition heavy. I really enjoyed reading about these two amazing ladies teaming up and can’t wait for the four of them to get together and finish this thing!


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