The Son of Sobek by Rick Riordan

Son_of_SobekSYNOPSIS: When a giant rampaging crocodile is causing damage in Long Island, the ancient Greek and Egyptian worlds collide when Percy Jackson and Carter Kane have to begrudgingly team-up in order to stop it.

I didn’t rate this, nor will I be rating the others in this mini-trilogy because I love Percy Jackson and I love The Kane Chronicles, so even if these are actually the worst short stories in the world (which I don’t think they are) I will still love them anyway because I love these characters. This particular short story is written through Carter’s point-of-view similar in style to The Kane Chronicles trilogy and contains all of the usual Riordan sarcasm and sass. It was really cool to see Carter and Percy interact with each other because they are very different and distinct in how they handle themselves and the situations around them. You can compare Carter to Annabeth and Percy to Sadie, but in the end these two boys still handle the situations differently than their female counterparts. Carter is ever the logical and slightly unaggressive (he does know how to pack a wallop) and Percy is his usual slash now ask questions later. Once they figured each other out, they made a spectacular team, even if at the end they still didn’t completely trust each other. It was nice for me to be able to read about two characters that I have watched grow and come to love finally meet each other after the little hints in previous books that their worlds are connected and it’s also a huge plus to learn more about mythology and the Greek-Egyptian connection. I was a little disappointed that Carter and Percy didn’t hit it off right away, but what did I expect? Annabeth and Percy hated each other when they first met and here they are now in a committed relationship! I look forward to their continued adventures and hope that maybe Rick Riordan will write another set of short stories about these particular characters or maybe find away to cross over with Magnus Chase (although that might be hard because I don’t really know of any Norse-Greek connections or Norse-Egyptian connections).


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